About Us!

We do love the festive season here at ChristmasInLights.com.au!

As an Australian owned and operated business in Sydney, we take pride in providing quality products with great service at competitive prices.

Whether it is Christmas in July, Christmas in December or a Wedding in Spring we understand that you want to make each and every festive occasion a special time, full of love, fun and happiness.

To shop for Christmas Lights, you can slog to the department store, tussle with the crowds and buy the same lights all your neighbours have. Or you can pour a cup of hot chocolate, relax in your comfy chair and browse a brilliant variety of indoor and outdoor Christmas lights at ChristmasInLights.com.au!

We put the fun back into decorating your tree, your house and your life.

Check out the latest LED Christmas lights, with clean, dazzling colors and wow-em shapes.

Blue LED Christmas lights look regal on a tree. White LED Christmas lights sparkle like jewels, and good old red and green Christmas lights sing tradition!

LED Christmas lights don't get hot like traditional Christmas light bulbs, and they use a fraction of the energy.

Christmas rope lights are great fun to hang, and novelty Christmas lights give us the giggles.

We have a sparkling selection of snowmen, santas, reindeers and snowflakes, a complete cast of holiday characters all ready to plug in and hang.

May the spirit of Christmas be in your home and in your heart all through the year!